Focus on foot health: all about splayfoot and flat feet

Splayfoot and flat feet! These common foot problems can cause discomfort and affect general foot health. Find out more about these foot problems and how to choose the right shoes.

Splayfoot and flat feet are widespread foot problems with different causes and symptoms. Splayfoot can be caused by inherited weak connective tissue, unsuitable footwear or excessive strain on the foot muscles, while flat feet are often caused by weak connective tissue, injury, congenital deformities or the natural ageing process. Symptoms of splayfoot include pain in the forefoot, pressure points under the ball of the foot and spreading of the toes, while flat feet are associated with pain in the arch or inner ankle, fatigue in the feet and a flatter foot shape. It is advisable to consult a specialist or podiatrist if symptoms persist in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

In addition to professional advice, various exercises and stretches can help to strengthen the muscles and ligaments in the feet and support flat feet and splay feet. Furthermore, the use of orthopaedic insoles and supportive footwear can help to alleviate discomfort and improve foot posture.

Some recommended exercises to strengthen and support the foot muscles are toe exercises, arch strengthening, foot roll, toe stands and foot stretches. For toe exercises, grab a towel with your toes and slowly pull it towards you, while for arch strengthening, stand barefoot and lift the balls of your feet to activate the arch. The foot roll with a tennis ball under the foot helps to stimulate the muscles, while toe stands stand on the toes and foot extension stretches increase flexibility and stretch the muscles. Repeat these exercises regularly to support foot health.

These exercises can be performed regularly to strengthen your foot muscles and improve flexibility, which can help support flat feet and splay feet, among other conditions.

Below you will also find three carefully selected shoe models:

Discover ultimate comfort with the Merino Runners

Our Merino Runners for men and women are the epitome of comfort, style and performance. Made from merino wool, they are particularly lightweight, flexible and durable thanks to 3D stretch technology. The natural properties of merino wool ensure ideal temperature control and keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer. The breathable material also ensures that you don't have to worry about odours even after hours of wear. With a focus on comfort and grip, these running shoes are perfect for normal to wide feet - ideal for people with splayfoot or flat feet, as they offer optimal support and stability without compromising comfort.







Out and about in the great outdoors with the Wool Cross X

Equipped with a temperature-regulating merino wool lining and 3D stretch merino fabric, these shoes are not only breathable and antibacterial, but also ensure optimum temperature regulation. These shoes are also particularly suitable for people with splayfoot or flat feet, as they offer optimum support and stability without compromising on comfort. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who want to set off on new adventures with confidence.






Style and comfort with the Merino Wool Knit

Made from merino wool and featuring a unique linen stitch, these trainers regulate the temperature inside the shoe and quickly wick moisture away to the outside, making them comfortable even without socks. In combination with the removable footbed and the ultra-light EVA sole, these trainers guarantee maximum comfort and a perfect fit. Due to their stabilising properties, we also recommend these shoes for people with splayfoot or flat feet.







Overall, the shoes featured offer not only style and comfort, but also functionality and support for people with splayfoot or flat feet. Whether you're looking for everyday shoes or want to take your training to the next level, this selection of shoes offers the right solution for every need. Invest in your foot health and experience the feeling of maximum support and well-being with every step.


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Soft and warm, perfect for my adventures!
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These provide the support I need for my fallen arches, making outdoor activities a breeze.
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