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Merino Wool


At Giesswein, we believe that nobody should have to sacrifice style for comfort—or vice versa. We aim to give you both comfort and a modern, sporty design. This hybrid of style and functionality is made possible through our high-quality workmanship, and by our use of 100% Merino wool materials. Giesswein products are proudly made in Austria.


Merino wool keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Because of the unique fiber structure of Merino wool, we’re able to create millions of tiny air pockets in our fabrics.

These air pockets serve a dual purpose: they act as natural insulation, while simultaneously keeping your skin at a perfect, comfortable temperature.


Merino wool’s surface structure is naturally anti-bacterial. This special constellation means that Merino wool’s properties prevent bacteria from forming and multiplying.

In addition to its anti-bacterial properties, Merino wool’s cellular structure is made up of two different types of cells. These two cells constantly rub against each other, which—with the help of natural humidity—both cleans the fabric and prevents odors.


Merino wool naturally absorbs up to 33% of its own weight in moisture. It then takes this moisture and wicks it away from your skin.

That’s why when you wear a product that contains Merino wool, you’re more likely to stay comfortable and dry. The higher the percentage of Merino wool, the greater its wicking properties—that’s why it’s important to choose products made of 100% Merino wool.


The unique Giesswein “3D-Stretch Merino Wool” is aptly named; this special wool stretches comfortably in all directions.

This special, 3D fabric knit—developed here at Giesswein—gives you maximum, lasting comfort.


Merino wool is a natural product; but because of this, it’s also a scarce product. Both the production and processing of Merino wool require a significant amount of time and know-how.

This extensive process yields a product of the highest quality; but, that also means that Merino wool comes at a high price. At Giesswein, not only do we ensure that our Merino wool is of the utmost quality: we are also cruelty-free. We only source from farmers who hold a Mulesing-free certification.

In comparison to polyester or cotton, Merino wool is many times more valuable.