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Suit with Sneakers: 7 Top Tips to Rock the Look

When it comes to sneakers to wear with suits, there are many different opinions out there. For some, a serious business outfit should only be paired with formal footwear. For others, though, comfort is the priority when it comes to shoe choice. At the end of the day, it really comes down to two things: how you style your shoes, and what the occasion is. In order to help make sure you don’t commit any fashion faux pas, we’ve pulled together the master suit and sneakers guide to live by.


How to wear sneakers with a suit


1. The Occasion

Choosing the right men’s sneaker for your suited look depends on two things: the occasion and the dress code. A well-chosen pair of sneakers works for almost everything: a romantic date, a day at the office or for kicking back in your free time. However, for very formal events—such as one’s own wedding or a banquet—it’s better to stick with some classic, elegant leather shoes.


2. Shape

Looking for sneakers that will work for both casual and business outfits? If so, it’s best to opt for low-top models with flat soles, such as our Merino Wool Knit or Merino Runners. The simple design of these Merino shoes goes well with a variety of looks.

how to dress sneakers with a suit


3. Color

From bright colors to striking patterns, sneakers come in a variety of styles. Take a look inside your closet and decide which color best fits with your wardrobe. For an elegant-yet-sporty casual look, swap out your suit’s slacks for chinos, and pair them with some brightly colored sneakers.


4. Cut

With a classic, straight-cut suit, sneakers often look a bit odd. The key? Opt for a more modern, slim-cut suit. Most importantly: the pant legs shouldn’t be too long, and shouldn’t touch the shoes themselves. In the summer, it’s trendy to let your ankles show—so in warm weather, just roll up your pant legs and slide your bare feet right into your sneakers. Thanks to the natural sweat-wicking and odor-neutralizing properties of Merino wool, you can wear our Merino Sneakers worry and sock-free. The wool takes moisture from the shoe and wicks it outwards, so your feet stay comfortably dry even in the summer.

how to wear sneakers with a suit


5. Upkeep

Dirty sneakers are an absolute no-go. For an elegant look, you’ll need clean, well-cared-for shoes. The good news? You can pop your Merino sneakers right into the washing machine and let them air dry.

You’ll find detailed washing instructions here: How to wash merino wool shoes


6. Sneakers for the office

In the past, sneakers were reserved for casual use. Now, though, they’ve become totally accepted as office wear. Subtle models in muted colors like black, grey, beige or dark blue work especially well with business outfits.


7. Suits with shorts

Suits with long pants are definitely chic, but they’re not exactly comfortable when the temperatures start to climb. Instead of just considering pants, think outside the box—blazers can be paired very nicely with a pair of chino shorts. When choosing this look, though, remember to pay attention to the style of blazer. Shorts really look best when paired with casual, loosely-cut blazers.

Cool suit and sneakers look

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Giesswein Merino Sneakers

No matter if your look is casual or elegant, our Merino Wool Knit and Merino Runners get the job done—keeping your suit with sneakers combo both stylish and comfortable. The shoes’ soft merino wool is a real all-round talent: they’re breathable, moisture-regulating, anti-bacterial and super light. Our unique 3D stretch, which is made of Merino wool, is flexible and adapts to each individual foot…giving you maximum comfort, all day long.

Merino sneakers to wear with a suit