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Blog > News

The Best House Shoes for Winter Days

As winter settles in, it’s the time to find the best house shoes to keep you warm all season long! With the weather getting colder you’ll be wanting to snuggle up, in cozy jumpers and blankets, and there’s no better way to achieve that than investing in a good pair of slippers.

What Makes a Good House Shoe?

What makes a good house shoe depends on what you’re looking for. But generally a good house will be comfy, soft, and durable! At Giesswein we have a large variety of different slippers, so there’s a pair to suit everyone. From slip on house shoes, to ones with sturdy soles for those short trips outside to put the trash out, we’ve got you covered.

Soft House Shoes for Lounging

When you’re going to be wearing something on your feet all day you want to know they’re going to be soft against your skin. After all, there’s nothing worse than having something hard and itchy against your feet for extended periods of time. Our house shoes are made from virgin wool, this is the first lot of wool taken from a lamb, and is known to be the softest it will produce in its lifetime. Not only is it soft but it is also durable and moisture wicking. These benefits are what makes it so perfect for everyday footwear! No matter what you’re doing around your house, from cleaning, to working, to lounging on the couch watching your favourite film, these wool house slippers are sure to be gentle on your feet.

house shoes perfect for winter and colder months

Work from Home in House Shoes

With more of us working from home than ever, it’s important to pick the perfect house shoes to keep us comfy and help us get our jobs done! If you plan on wearing your slippers all day, you’re going to want something soft and flexible that allows you to move comfortably around your home all day long. Many of our slippers feature lightweight rubber soles that move with your feet, to keep you comfortable all winter long.

Choosing the Right House Shoe for You

As we’ve said, everyone is looking for something slightly different in their house shoe. From women’s slippers in ballet styles, to unisex slip ons, to sturdy outdoor slippers, there’s a lot of choice at Giesswein. With a wide variety of colors, and styles your options are endless.

To choose your ideal house shoe, we recommend thinking about how you plan on using them. If you’re someone who wants to have them on from dawn till dusk all winter long, then you may want something that encloses more of the foot to keep toasty. If you enjoy your morning coffee in the crisp morning air in your garden, or on your balcony you may want to opt for something with a thicker sole that can withstand short journeys outside. We suggest exploring our women’s and men’s slipper collections to find the perfect option for you.

house shoes perfect for short trips outside

About Giesswein

Giesswein is an Austrian merino wool company, currently being run by its third generation of Giessweins. Founded in 1954, we’ve been creating innovative wool products ever since. From sneakers, to slippers, to beanies, we’ve got all your wool needs covered! Even better, we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, wasting no material and recycling 90% of the water we use.