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Blog > News

The Benefits of Slippers with Arch Support

Slippers with arch support are the perfect companion to your feet all year round. When it comes to indoor footwear we are spoilt for choice, but choosing something comfortable is a must! We’re constantly told to look after our feet properly and these slippers with arch support are one way in which we can do that. But what exactly do they do and should you be wearing them?

Table of Contents:

What are Arch Supports?

Slippers to Help Prevent Discomfort

Slipers that Boost Your Stability

Our Best Slippers with Arch Support

What are Arch Supports?

Slippers with arch support would typically find extra padding underneath where the arch would sit. Sometimes these come already included with wool slippers or you can buy them separately in the form of an insole. Normally made of foam or similar material, these arch-shaped devices are placed under the arch of the foot, to help keep your feet secure. They are also sometimes known as support insoles. It helps to keep your foot and ankle positioned in the correct place. This in turn has many benefits to aid your overall health as well as your foot health.

Slippers to Help Prevent Discomfort

Slippers with arch support can be a good way to help prevent discomfort. Discomfort can stem from the posture we hold our feet in. Having a good posture can improve mobility as we get older. When our feet are properly supported in cozy slippers we can hold ourselves in a better posture. This can have a knock on effect on other joints other than our arches and knees. So keeping your feet secure in slippers with arch support is perfect while traveling through your home. Whether you like to enjoy your morning coffee on the porch or slip your feet into comfort after work, slippers with arch supports can do it all.

A lot of the time we enjoy at home is spent without shoes on. It’s very common for people to have arch supports in their outdoor shoes, but typically our indoor footwear lacks this feature. When we spend most of our time at home, we should look to see what benefits we can get from our comfy slippers

our men and women's slippers with arch support are available in a range of colors


Slippers that Boost Your Stability

Many of us have flat feet. It is something numerous people don’t even realise about ourselves until aches and pains start to occur. Having flat feet means that our feet lack a natural arch. The arch is one way the body helps us have stability when we stand. Slippers with arch support assist in this job, especially for those with flat feet. Once you have realised you may have flat feet, you can enjoy the comfort slippers with arch support provided on a daily basis. They truly are the perfect cozy slippers for all year round. If you feel like you lack stability when walking around your home, it could be wise to invest in a pair of arch support slippers. Due to their supportive nature, these slippers also provide ultimate comfort for your feet.

If you are finding it difficult to choose your next Giesswein slippers, highlight the most important aspects, such as slippers with arch support. By showcasing what you need most will make your decision much easier!

Our Best Slippers with Arch Support

Giesswein has multiple pairs of supportive slippers for men, and supportive slippers for women. With arch supports and natural rubber soles, these wool slippers are perfect to keep you comfy whatever you’re doing. The natural rubber soles even transform your slippers with arch support into the perfect outdoor slippers. Whether you’re roaming your garden or popping next door to collect a parcel, feel secure in slippers with arch support.

Our Slippers with arch support are made from super soft virgin wool. Using pure virgin wool insulates your foot whilst allowing it to breathe easily during the seasons. This is thanks to the wool being naturally temperature regulating and moisture wicking. A temperature regulating property allows your feet to feel cool during the warmer weather, while warm during fall. Moisture wicking on the other hand, wicks excess moisture away from your skin to leave it feeling cool and dry. The combination of all these properties provides you with the ultimate foot health. Your feet will never have been comfier!

our selection of slippers with arch support are cozy against your feet

Introducing Giesswein

Giesswein is an Austrian merino wool company. Since 1954 the Giesswein family have been creating soft and comfortable wool products. Starting with sweaters, we have since expanded our range to include men’s sneakers, women’s sneakers, and so much more. We believe in being as green as possible whilst creating our fabulous products. That’s why we recycle 90% of the water we use as part of our green strategy. You also won’t find any material going to waste at Giesswein!