GIESSWEIN is unique in that our materials are natural, organic-based or recycled.


GIESSWEIN first began producing knitted jumpers in 1954. In the 60s and 70s, GIESSWEIN quickly became Austria's largest manufacturer of knitwear and boiled wool.

20 years later - in 1974 - GIESSWEIN introduced its first slipper made of boiled wool. This was an unexpected success and laid the foundations for the continuing success story in this sector. Since 1974, GIESSWEIN has produced over 50 million pairs of slippers.

The basis for this success is GIESSWEIN's in-house wool fabric production, combined with an ecological, high-quality and comfort-orientated tradition. You can read the detailed history of the GIESSWEIN slipper in this blog article: To the blog >

Even today, GIESSWEIN is still a 100% family business. Markus and Johannes Giesswein are currently at the helm of the company - the third generation of the Giesswein family to run the company.

Markus und Johannes Giesswein

The GIESSWEIN Green Strategy

Even back when nobody cared seriously about our worldwide ecosystem, GIESSWEIN was already an ecopioneer.

GIESSWEIN introduced a water recycling unit into its fabric production in 1997. Back then, it was Austria's first textile water recycling site.

All scraps from our textile production are 100% recycled and given new life. We care about the world’s resources and use only materials that are natural, organic-based or recycled.

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Giesswein Green Strategy

Giesswein Green Strategy

Comparing our types of wool

Comparing our types of wool

Even greener: our shoes made from recycled PET plastic

Even greener: our shoes made from recycled PET plastic

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