Barefoot shoes, minimal craze or podiatric innovation?

Let’s face it, like it or hate it, minimalism is everywhere from apartments with intentionally unpainted walls to embellishment free wedding dresses.  Minimalism is symbolic as the antithesis of Y2K and glitterati excess, heralded as a rebellious strike to maximalism. But what happens when minimalism is more than a fad and its impact could directly relate to your health, namely your feet? In this article, we investigate the concept of barefoot shoes, a minimalistic trend which has become more than just a fad.


As the name suggests, barefoot shoes are shoes which mimic walking barefoot. In everyday life we have become accustomed to springy soles, excess cushioning and unnecessary bells and whistles on our shoes. Barefoot shoes strip away these superfluous add-ons, so the wearer can regain a sense of walking barefoot. By using a widened toe box, thin sole and no drop, the feet are restored to a sense of unrestrain and feet's own natural specialized components return to being utilized.


In the modern world we are getting more and more sedentary, and this is reflected with back problems, balance issues, and with walking. Barefoot shoes aim to restore body balance to a natural gait. Barefoot shoes feature a zero drop sole, this intern means that the body’s weight is no longer just on the heel but also distributed on the mid foot and forefoot. Overtime this causes the body not to always strike with the heel but also fully utilize the foot as nature intended. The foot consists of 26 bones, 30 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments, barefoot shoes activate and stimulate the foots components, for example the zero cushioning on the sole reawakens the sense of walking barefoot and overtime  the body responds accordingly, improving overall locomotive, and strengthening the foot to improve balance and decease risk of falling.

Furthermore, barefoot shoe wearers report improved posture and strengthening of knee and ankle joints.  There are also more recent studies which conclude barefoot shoes improve overall wellbeing, including agility and mood.


Transitioning to barefoot shoes takes time, but comes with a plethora of health benefits. To begin with, walk or run short distances in your barefoot shoes. Your body will need time to adapt to the new sensation and stimulation. Have you ever seen a baby walking with their first pair of shoes? Your body is essentially doing the opposite to that, it's acclimatizing to walking barefoot again! It will need time. Most importantly try not to overdo, it if you feel discomfort take a break. Remember, everybody is different, each person will adapt in their own time to the sense of barefootedness. There are no high scores for whom adapts the quickest!


Imagine walking on ultra-thin and lightweight 3.5 mm organic rubber sole with an anti-slip argyle pattern.  You feel the vibration of the ground whilst your foot is fully protected from sharp objects and a good grip is provided by the grooves. Moreover, your toes have room to spread with each step thanks to a wide and flexible toe box.  These are just two of the features of the Giesswein Merino Barefoot Sneaker, we have also brought the best of nature’s materials; breathable Merino Wool to wrap your foot in airy, breathable fabric with each step.

Barefoot Shoe Giesswein

The Merino Barefoot design also factors in wearability; its smart casual appearance makes this sneaker great for daily commute, work, school, sport, and downtime. The colours available navy, black, red and white, are matchable with most smart casual attire, so the sneakers are highly versatile. They’re also machine washable.

When you’ve worn them overtime, the Merino Barefoot Sneakers will improve your overall balance and gait. Reawaken once barely utilized foot components, and strengthen your feet to promote overall health. Far from being a minimal craze, the benefits of Merino Barefoot Sneakers are tried and tested.

Merino Barefoot for Women & Men

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