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How to wear white sneakers: styling tips and outfit ideas

With your favorite jeans, an elegant dress or a dreamy pleated skirt—white sneakers are wonderfully versatile, and work for every occasion. They’ve long been one of the most beloved, basic fashion pieces, and should be a staple in every wardrobe. White sneakers even work well with business outfits; they’ve just got to be clean and well-cared for. When you’re standing in front of your closet and aren’t sure which shoes to choose—white sneakers always work.


White sneakers with a dress

Do you have a chic dress that you wish you could get more “everyday” use out of? Just pair it with white sneakers—they’ll give your elegant dress a modern twist, and will make your whole look more casual. Stars and fashion bloggers take this look a step further, and often pair white sneakers with a cocktail dress. For an extra summery look, pair white sneakers with a breezy slip dress with thin spaghetti straps. A final tip: it really pulls your whole look together when your outfit has some white accents to complement the white sneakers.

White sneakers with a dress


White sneakers with jeans

Jeans and white sneakers are simply inseparable. It doesn’t really matter which type of jeans you choose—but, the best and most classic option is to opt for jeans that end right above the ankles, or to roll them up a bit. This makes the cuff look smaller. If the classic “jeans and sneakers” look is too everyday for you, try pairing your white sneakers with some modern Culotte pants or trousers. For an extra accent, accessorize with nice jewelry, a handbag or colorful shoelaces.

White sneakers with jeans


White sneakers with a skirt

Why just wear sneakers just with pants—they also look great with skirts! White sneakers are the perfect all-around item…they look just as good with a pencil skirt as they do with a flowing maxi skirt. No matter which length or cut of skirt you’re wearing, sneakers give your outfit a sporty touch. Try pairing a pleated skirt with a t-shirt, jean jacket and white sneakers for a cool, casual look. Going on a date, or out for a few drinks with friends? A shimmering, silk maxi skirt with a blouse or lace top—paired with white sneakers—is an especially elegant look.


White sneakers at the office

Whether or not white sneakers will work for your business outfits always depends on your specific workplace. For a smart casual look, white sneakers are absolutely the ideal choice. When you opt for a pair of white sneakers, delicate trousers, a monotoned blouse and casual blazer, you can’t go wrong! If you prefer a more eye-catching look, pair a checkered or striped pantsuit with your white sneakers. The most important part: for your business outfit to look good, your white sneakers have to be clean! It’s good news, then, that our Giesswein Merino Sneakers can be cleaned so quickly and easily in the washing machine.

White sneakers with a suit

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White sneakers in the winter

Of course, there are winter days when we prefer to grab our Chelsea Boots—but white sneakers can also definitely work with winter outfits. Try wearing a pair of socks with lace or glitter, and pairing them with white sneakers. For an eye-catching athleisure look, tennis socks are a trendy choice. If you want to show a bit of ankle in the winter, then transparent pantyhose are a great alternative. Of course, winter use depends on the material of the sneaker. Our Giesswein Sneakers, made of soft Merino wool, keep your feet toasty and warm in the winter. Why’s that? Learn more in our informative blog article about the unique properties of Merino wool.


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